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Probably the hardest part of putting together this website was writing a bio for myself. Let's just say I would rather write lines of code, then write a bio.

Currently I am a student at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Meteorology. For most of my life I have been fascinated with anything space or weather. I started college at the University of Alabama, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Although I always had an interest in weather, I never chose to pursue it, but that would soon change. On April 27th, 2011, a deadly and violent tornado outbreak struck the southeast United States, and I would find myself at the heart of it in Tuscaloosa. After that day, a new hobby of storm chasing was born, and a new field of study was added.

My passion for photography began in 2009 when I started documenting abandoned locations, with Picher, Oklahoma being the first. My first camera was a hand me down point and shoot that was poor in low light conditions. I would soon drop and break it (thankfully!) and end up buying a higher end Canon point and shoot. I discovered that this camera had some manual capabilities, and I realized then I wanted complete control over my shots. In December of 2010, I bought my first DSLR, the Canon T2i. Two years, 20,000 shots, and half a dozen lenses later, it is still the best investment I have ever made.

Throughout the last couple of years I have traveled to various locations across the United States as a result of storm chasing or photographing abandoned buildings. These are areas that I once thought I would never visit. In 2012, I moved to Oklahoma to finish my engineering degree and to start my meteorology degree. I look forward to capturing the dramatic moments of storms on the Great Plains as well as documenting the land and nightscapes of this beautiful region.

My photography page is broken down into 5 galleries: Abandoned, Atmosphere, Cityscapes, Landscapes, and Nightscapes. Each gallery offers something unique, and I hope you enjoy these fine art pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

-Jon Stone